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We use high end professional audio, video and lighting equipment for your project needs. Our experienced operators will do a professional job for you. Contact us for a free quote.

Variety Store Productions Rate list

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Camera Gear

4 Hours
(Half Day)

8 Hours
(Full Day)

Canon XF300
– 1080p High definition Camera
– 4 x 32GB CF cards
– 3 x large capacity batteries

with operator

$650 – $800
with operator
GoPro Cameras
– 64 & 32GB card with 4 mounts included
– Additional mounts $10 per mount


Drone Video & Pictures
– 4K & 1080p recording options
– 2 batteries included
– 2 x 64GB cards
– Operator included
Call or Email
for pricing
Call or Email
for pricing
Data Transfer Technician
– Log & transfer on site to your drive & our drive for editing
– Hard drive purchase optional
$160 $250 #datatransfertechToronto
  • A half day that goes over 5 hours becomes a full day
  • An 8 hour camera day includes a lunch break
  • Camera Operator overtime $100 per hour on XF300
  • Extra charge for additional gear, accessories, parking and travel beyond 30km
Production Gear (daily rate)
Teleprompter, ProPrompter HDi Pro2
– Hand held or tripod mounted
– Studio-Quality 60/40 Beam Splitter Glass


Camera Slider Cinevate Atlas 10 35’’ with head
– Tripod mountable
– All Terrain legs


Varizoom Steady Rig
– Piston suspension pod for steady shots
– Enables you to shoot for longer periods of time


varizoom steady rig copy
Sachtler Carbon Fiber Tripod FSB-6
– 13.2 lbs Capacity
– Smooth shots with the fluid head

included with

Sachtler tripod fsb_6t2_md copy
7’’ Small HD 702 Bright full HD Field Monitor
– SDI, HDMI input mobile batteries, tripod mount
– 3 batteries and charger included


Westcott 9 x 20′ Chromakey green screen (cotton)
– 9’ wide x 20’ long
– Stands included
– (Lighting is extra)


Westcott 10 x 20′ Chromakey green screen (fabric)
– 10’ wide x 20’ long
– Stands included
– (Lighting is extra)


Lastolite Chromakey Green / Blue Screen
– 5’ wide x 7’ long open
– Stands included


green blue sceen
Lastolite Chromakey Green Screen
– 6’ wide x 9’ long open
– Stands included


Audio Gear (daily rate)
Wireless mic kit Sennheiser EW100 ENG G3
– 12 frequencies, 42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception

$50 each

Sennheiser EW100 ENG G3
Sennheiser MKE 600
– Exceptional directivity with maximum rejection of side noise with switchable low-cut filter


Rycote windshield S-Series 375 kit
– Axial mics are suspended using the Lyre webs, which provide isolation against handling noise


Rycote Windshield
Kteck boom pole
– Internally coiled XLR cable and connection at the base greatly minimizing cable rattle


Zoom H6 stereo field recorder
– Record up to 6 channels of clear precise audio
– Captures audio rates up to 24-bit/96kHz to SD card

Omnidirectional Shure VP64AL Dynamic Mic
– Handheld hardwire excellent for interviews
– Mic flags also available upon request

$25 each

Shure Dynamic Mic
Lavaliere Omnidirectional Shure MX183DB
– Hard wired Omnidirectional condenser microphone for speech and vocal pickup with low handling noise


Sure Laviliere
Lavaliere mini Omnidirectional Sony ECM-77B
– Hard-Wired Omnidirectional pattern provides even sensitivity with frequency responsive mic


Lavaliere mini omni
Lighting Gear (daily rate)
Lowel Rifa eX 88
– Up to 750 – 1000 watts
– Master stand included


Lowel EX88
Lowel Light Kit 4 piece Omni
– Up to 500 watts
– Barn doors & master stands included


Light kit 4 peace
1K Polaris Model 260 Strand Quartz Color
– Large blades provide accurate hard edge beam control


1K Polaris
Portable Camera Light 50 Watt TorchLed TL-50
Provides 5600 daylight balanced light
– Internal battery 2 – 3 hours of power on a charge

$25 each

Portable Camera Light
Rotolight Interview Kit V2
– Delivers ‘Flicker Free’ light with excellent colour
– Lee filters included


White/Silver 95cm collapsible Lastolite reflector
– Stand and bracket included
– Good for adding light and contrast


Manfrotto 085BS Heavy Duty Boom & Stand
– Mount a light or mic on the boom arm
– Maximum extension 9 feet. Stand includes casters
– Load capacity at maximum extension 13pounds


Avenger A4039CS Steel Boom & Light Stand
– Converts to a boom stand
– Maximum height 12′
– level leg, steel construction

$40 each

Accessories (daily rate)
Ion Block Rocker (Portable loudspeaker & amp)
– Runs on it’s own internal battery
– Mic & iPod input


Gigaphone (Portable loudspeaker & amp)
– Runs on it’s own internal battery for 20 – 25 hours
– Mic included, wired or wireless available

$25 each


$2 each

Extension Cords

included as

Fog Machine
– 1 can of fog solution included


fog machine
An assortment of props and items for your production. From funny glasses, to hats, masks and much more.

various cost

Post Production
Primary programs used: Final Cut Pro X, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor and Adobe Photoshop
Video editing is with Final Cut ProX on site or at your location. Click here for editing policies

$40 – $60 per hour billable in half hour increments

NOTE: A delay, by the client, of more than 1 week after the video has been digitized on Variety Store Productions hard drives will result in a storage fee of $30 per week for the project unless other arrangements have been made. Click here for policies 8TB
Video Compression & Transcoding, DVD & Blu-Ray compression, Output to Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash, YouTube or mobile device. High Definition, Standard Definition at High, Medium or Low quality. Good for video sharing,, emailing, web sites, memory keys, DVDs & CDs.
5 minutes or less

$15 per file

60 minutes or less

$50 per file

120 minutes or less

$80 per file

Log & Transfer or Log & Capture, Memory Cards & Video to DVD Transferring (No video editing – just straight video transfer)
30 minutes or less


60 minutes or less


120 minutes or less


Video to DVD Transfer (With visible Time Code burned in over the video) Additional DVD copies are $10 each.
30 minutes or less

$40 one copy

60 minutes or less

$50 one copy

120 minutes or less

$70 one copy

DVD Authoring
DVD Authoring with DVD Studio Pro in studio or on location with Menus, buttons, and chapters formatted to your satisfaction. Preserve your memories. VHS tapes have a limited shelf life before you lose them from deterioration.Promote your business, educational message or product onto DVD. DVD’s are alsogood for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, bands to Data DVDs. Straight Video Transfer servicesof VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Audio to pictures are also available. $40 per hour billable in half hour increments 541601-dvd_logo
Final Cut Pro X Training
Final Cut Pro X training on site or at our location.
Billable on an hourly rate.
– Learn the interface, tools & operation to advanced video editing

$40 – $60 per hour

Web Design
Web Design and development specializing in WordPress. Billable per project or on an hourly rate. For web design inquires visit the Bagtoons website.

$40 per hour

Graphic Design
Graphic Design services using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, billable per project or on an hourly rate. For graphic design service information please visit Bagtoons.

$40 per hour