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Our mission is to make you look great!

At Variety Store Productions our primary objective is to create effective videos to promote your business and message that get you results. We pride ourselves profiling your vision with our professional high quality production and post production services.

We use state of the art professional broadcast quality equipment and our productions are infused with high quality and dedication that reflect in our work. We offer competitive pricing at affordable rates and no job is too small or too large when you hire us for your project. Our team consists of highly creative, intelligent and reliable professionals with years of experience. It is our top priority to see you successful and to help you along your way with the work we do. Below are testimonials from various clients we have worked with.

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“Greg Sommer is the consummate professional and an absolutely amazing person to work with. Greg has filmed all my videos, including my entire MasterMind Program. What I love about Greg the most is how much he cares about his clients. Greg has gone above and beyond for me many, many times helping me with videos, editing, publishing. Greg is extreme consistent, detail-oriented and knows exactly what you need to do to produce the highest quality videos and content. You can see my Brainpower Nutrition Program on Youtube to get a taste of the amazing work Greg does. I'm so fortunate to have met Greg, and together he has helped me to do some phenomenal things to help people via videos and social media. If you're an entrepreneur or creator like myself, and want to work with the ultimate profession, Greg Sommer is your guy.”

Chris Wyllie The Game Changer

“On February 7, 2015 I conducted a very sensitive personal interview on camera for one and half hours. When we arrived in studio Western Toronto mid- afternoon - I was nervous and uneasy. Once inside with all equipment meticulously set-up  - involving countless plug ins, Greg's articulate manner and calm creativity as well being a very effective communicator in proceeding stage set-up before the shoot brought gratifying results in quality picture and audio sound to the screen. Added to the implementation of  'outside ' special effects that were targeted specifically in highlighting story line. Thus producing a very professional video show of great satisfaction for viewer entertainment. I observed him as a dedicated artist whom fully understands directing stage set up, camera work and production. I appalled Mr. Greg Sommer 's ability in multitasking all three together. Looking forward in working again in the future projects with Variety Store Productions. Here is my final cut — Enjoy! 

Thanks once again for your art from the heart Greg *!*"

Paul Shishis

“On Friday, March 6th 2015 Greg Sommer of Variety Store Productions, and our mutual friend Chris Russak, arrived at my home to shoot a YouTube video that I needed for my work.  They quickly reviewed the spaces available and decided that my office/library would be the most appropriate.  I agreed.
The set up of a remarkable array of equipment began and proceeded smoothly.  In due course we were ready to begin and after a few minutes trial we did the shoot from the top, uninterrupted.
I was absolutely amazed at the degree of professionalism.  I’ve had many similar experiences, but none that were as expertly executed as this one.  Everything worked perfectly, and I was absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out.
To top it all off, once the shoot was over, the equipment was re-packed and everything restored to the way it was before we began to my complete satisfaction.”

Paul Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence Canada